Border Information: Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize

Due to my experiences bribing border guard to make my way into Honduras, I decided I should leave the C4 region and properly renew my visa before attempting to cross into Nicaragua. If your interested in Heading from Puerto Barrios to Punta Gorda, this information should help.

Going to Belize from Honduras


  • Bus from San Pedro De Sula to Puerto Cortes 52 Limpiras (Lmp)
  • Bus Puerto Cortes to Corinto 60 Lmp
  • No cost to exit Honduras, $3 to enter.
  • The route to the border here is a bit corrupt, the police took people off the bus to scam them for money. I almost ended up in this crowd but one of the police thought better and let me get back on the bus.
  • An alternative to leaving from Guatemala would be to leave from Puerto Cortes, however my understanding at the time was this ferry does not go every day.


  • No cost to enter Guatemala, 80 Quetzales (Q) to exit to Belize.
  • There is an 8km stretch to get from the Honduran border station to the Guatemala station, there should be a small shuttle waiting that can take you there and can take you all the way to Puerto Barrios.
  • Ferries leave at 9am, 1pm, 2pm, and 4pm for Belize. If you can get there early and not have to stay in Puerto Barrios you’ll be better off, but its hard to do by public transport in one day.
  • Ferry is 200Q and you can get a discount if you buy your return ticket in advance.
  • If you’re looking to go to Livinston the boat is 55Q.
  • To have the best boat ride, bring a rain jacket if the sky is suspect, ride in the back, and hope for a padded seat for a smoother ride. The ocean is also calmer during the morning so try to get an early boat if you can.


  • Free to enter Belize, $10 USD to exit
  • There are some hotels in Punta Gorda or you can go outside of town to Cuxlin Ha Resort. Either let them know ahead of time that you’re coming or take a taxi as the road in from the public bus is 3 km, trust me, you don’t want to walk it in that heat. Cuxlin Ha is located in Mayan village and was a great little place to hang out for a few days. The owners (Dona and Gale) are expat Americans who helped build the town up from nothing providing loans to the Mayan families. Dona make some great American home cooked meals with a Belize twist.
  • This doesn’t seem to be the type of border where a one day return is common, they didn’t even seem too keen on the fact that I was renewing my visa so just say you’re travelling for a few weeks.

To Honduras from Belize

Belize (Punta Gorda):

  • The route back is much the same as the route there.
  • Ferry schedule at time of writing was 10am, 1:30pm, and 2pm to Puerto Barrios


  • You can catch a shuttle that will take you directly to the Honduran border for 40Q.
  • If you catch the first ferry you’ll make it to the border in time to get the Maya Oro/Starbus direct to San Pedro De Sula.


  • If you’re not taking the direct bus you can catch public busses on the Honduran side, just reverse the trip instructions above.

In general I wouldn’t say this was the best way to renew my Visa, but given where I was and the timing I had, it worked for me.

If you have any tips for this border crossing or updates, please contact me or leave a comment below.



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  1. I’m travelling to Central America in November this year, this is a super helpful post for me! Any tips on how to stay out of the crowd scammed for cash Belize from Honduras?!


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