Michal Pearl Waldfogel - Live Music

Living in Xela – Live Music – Michal Pearl Waldfogel

Of all the places I thought I might end up, I really didn’t think I’d be living in Xela for the period of time I’ve found myself here, but the longer I’m here the more I enjoy it.Michal Pearl Waldfogel - Live Music

The city boasts a wealth of wonderful little cafes, restaurants, and a vibrant live music scene thanks to a host of local bands and the variety of travelers finding themselves living in Xela for a period of time.

Not long ago I had the pleasure of watching a friend perform some of her new music at El Cuartitio just off Parque Central. Michal Pearl Waldfogel’s music is the vehicle by which she shares her philosophy of travel, following your passions, and refusing to let things hold you back. Please have a look at the video below from her show at El Cuartitio (recorded by me), her YouTube Channel, or visit her website Well Healing Hearts to get some of her other music.



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