Mexican Jazz Music

Mexico Has Saxaphones? I knew it was a stupid question even as the words exited my mouth.

Of course Mexico has Saxaphones, did I really think it was all just mariachi bands and salsa?

No, of course not, I suppose I just didn’t expect to find such a wide variety of music. I felt a bit ignorant.

A week after my thoughtless comment I spent an early evening reading in the historic centre of Campeche. I had passed much of the afternoon aimlessly walking about the city trying to find my hostel and I really just needed some relaxation time in the park. After a few hours of reading and people watching, I was just getting up to leave when I hearing a band tuning up on the other side of the centre’s large gazebo.

I wandered around the structure to find a band know as Piyo Jazz Trio and the Monkeys which, of course, included a Saxaphone.

Over the next hour, as tourists and locals wandered over to listen, this awesome Mexican jazz band treated us to a variety of excellent Jazz music. It was a nice, gentle reminder that sometimes when we’re travelling we really need to just slow down, sit somewhere, and let local living catch us up.


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