Ottawa and Carleton

I have to say that being back on campus for a few days has been rather enlightening. I was once a part of this place, like many undergrads I practically lived on campus. Now, I feel like a stranger. I think what I find particularly intriguing is how strong a community that gets built and from what I can tell those communities, be it based on your degree or extracurricular  affiliations, don’t really change that much. These communities still exist, its just the people in them have changed, the people that you remember making up the community have moved on.

When looking at the rest of Ottawa, its nice to still have a few friends here, again however, many have moved elsewhere. I still love this city, but it doesn’t feel like the home it used to. I do however have to thank Jim and Suz for making me feel at home. Suz’s roommates had planned a tree and gingerbread house decorating party and I by good fortune I happened to be there on the same evening. Look below for the insane gingerbread house and some of the decorations.


The insane gingerbread house, look carefully and you can see the Christmas snake ate a snowman. Look in the photos section for another angle.


Pedro pimpin it with The California Pecans singing Christmas carols, The Raisins were unavailable. Pedro managed to snag himself a knitted scarf to ward off the cold in Ottawa and shades for when he heads south.


Suz with Pedro’s Canadian pal.

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