Just Jump

For those of you that have done bungee jumping and skydiving, perhaps you’ll relate if your experiences were anything akin to mine. For those of you that have done one or neither, I’ll do my best, not that this post is about either, not at the core at least.

Once that initial shock of the instructor tossing you out of plane is over, the trip down is a bit unreal. The ground is almost a mural in the distance, as much as you know its there, it seems so far you might never reach it,  despite the rushing air to the contrary.

Almost five years ago when I finished my first trip, my initial thoughts were that I had got traveling out of my system, I could now settle down to a nice job, build a home, and a family. Little did I know that within a few short months the desire to travel would be back upon me and that I would begin looking towards the how and the where of another great adventure. As much as I started planning, saving, and thinking about this dream, it didn’t seam quite real. With a goal so far in the distance, it can be hard to believe you’ll ever come upon it, despite the rushing calendar to the contrary.

Bungee jumping I found to be very different, with the ground only a few hundred feet below you, its existence is very apparent. The moving water, rustling trees, and other movements all suggest its just a quick trip to the surface below you. After a wait which can seem like an eternity for each adrenaline junky before you, the harness is donned and you inch your way forward. After that all you have to do is jump, seems simple enough, defy every instinct in your primate brain and throw yourself towards certain death. Go ahead, jump. If you’ve done it right, you stopped thinking ages ago and are already on the rebound, if not, you’re still standing there, feet on the edge wondering when you’ll screw up the courage to just do it.

I’ve been inching along for some time now, believe me, I’ve kept track. I’ve not planned much about the “where”, but that part will take care of itself along the way, I just have to sort out a starting point, which I think I’ve finally settled, until I change my mind again. The “when” has more or less be settled to approximately a month from now. I suppose to some observers it might look like I’ve jumped, I could see how you could mistake that, in fact most would. I can’t turn back now, not that I’d want to, nor could I, everyone thinks I jumped already. Perhaps you’d have to be standing in my place to see that my feet are still firmly planted on the edge, toes curled around it as through they might actually hold me there against a gust of wind. This trip will happen, I know it will, I can feel it, I can taste the foreign foods, I can hear the unknown languages, I can see the sunrise over the jungle from a conquered mountain. If I could just stretch out my arms and have a bit of faith I could just jump.



2 thoughts on “Just Jump

  1. Sadly many of us relate to this feeling Chris but never have the courage to just free fall. Still I believe it is in the release, the letting go , that the courage manifests itself and we start to fly. Good for you; listen to your heart, hear the whispers of other languages calling you to places your heart yearns to discover!Safe travels and use those gripping toes to push off!!


  2. Dude…I meant to call you before you left, but the time difference and other things got in the way. Glad to see you’re blogging already. Hope all is well. Good luck on your adventures. I will be checking in periodically. God speed!


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