The First to See Sunrise

I got up this morning…way too damn early, to see the sunrise off the East Cape of the North Island. From this lighthouse landing on top of a hill some 300 steps and 200m off the Ocean, I was one of the first few today to see the day’s sun./ This position if one of the first places the new sun hits in the entire world (ignoring of course the politically moved date line).

I then finished driving the East Cape with the windows down and the sun beating down arriving in Taupo mid afternoon. My good Karma move for today was to pick up the only hitchhiker I have seen thus far. The Maori man, on “the benefit” i.e. he does nothing even though he can work and gets paid for it had the nerve to ask me several times for money on top of giving him a ride.

Over the next few days I hope to skydive if its nice, do the Tongario crossing (same condition), and do caving in the Witomo caves. The finish up with a few days of relaxing at Coramandel Beach, dig a hole an hour either side of low tide and sit in your own personal hot tub, sweet.
As for pics, too hard to get anymore on at the moment, have to wait till I get back. But I’ve got lots of good ones over the last few days.