The First Day of Summer!!

So I got myself a car now, it wasn’t that I was sick of hitch hiking, quite the opposite, I had an amazing time, met some great people, and learned a lot about the country. Saved a bunch of money too. But the places I have left to see in the North island are a little remote, given the limited time I have left and the cheap relocations you can get from Christchurch to Auckland, wheels only made sense.

So I picked up a car for $1 a day for 7 days, and 3 more days at $60, I didn’t want to spend any more time in Auckland than I had to and this puts me there 2 days before I fly out. The extra days also gave me the extra km I needed for all the driving I’m doing. I hadn’t realized how much gas was though, this is only the third time I’ve paid for transport in NZ and I’ve been here nearly two months!

I would be nice to continue talking with locals that pick me up, but I can’t have everything. Today was the first day of summer, I had the windows down, the music cranked, and my shades on. All day, lush green grass, rolling hills, and wide open ocean passed me by.

So, if its the first day of summer here…would that make it the first day of winter there? I know I come back soon, but I am still going to enjoy it while I can!


3 thoughts on “The First Day of Summer!!

  1. Summer….how I miss it….Glad to hear that you actually rented a car, didn’t think that you really would. Enjoy the rest of your time there, and the warmth and the greenery…as it is currently -20 with a bit of snow in Calgary.


  2. yup.. back in Ottawa we’re happily sledding, building snowman, tramping through slush to get to school. Pft, why would I want to tour NZ with its warm summer breeze when I can get run down by salt trucks?


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