Invercargill to Dunedin

I had expected this short trip to actually take a few days. I was going off the beaten track to go to Nugget Point where there was a lighthouse and sea life. It was actually the first time I have been picked up by a camper van, not only that, it happened twice in the same day. The point was spectacular, but sorry, no pictures till I get home. Dunedin is quite a nice little city, quaint streets and shops, nice green areas. It also boasts by the Guinness Book Of Records, the steepest street in the world, Baldwin St. The average slope is 1:3.41 and the steepest part is 1:2.86. The sidewalk is a staircase.

One of the many old buildings and churches in Dunedin.
Baldwin St.


2 thoughts on “Invercargill to Dunedin

  1. Kia Ora Chris Glad to see and hear that your travels are going well. What are your thoughts North or South Island rates higher? Dunedin is the place i was born and brought up, heading back down there for Xmas and then travelling around in a van West coast, Marbrough, Nelson, Kaikora, Q-town, Wanaka etc so got a few Kms travel.well enjoy the last few days of teh NZ summer, Nicve to meet you, take care.Karl, Poor Knights – Auckland


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