New Zealand: Glaciers and Mountains

I have spent the last few days making my way down the remainder of the west coast. I am currently in Wanaka, a nice little town on the side of a glacial lake in a valley surrounded by mountains. I recently did a day walk on the Fox Glacier, one of the few glaciers in the world that is advancing, but funny enough, its actually due to global warming and the drought in Australia. Its currently gaining about 10cm a day, its advances 100cm and melts 90cm. The walk was quite interesting, although we couldn’t go as far up the glacier as I had expected. The tounge is about 7km long, we might have done 1km.

A whitebaiter in Hokitika, they catch little baby fish about the size of small minnows, apparently they are quite tasty, however, they are very expensive.
Hokitika Beach.
Me on the glacier, they had joked about how the old sepia pictures they had were filled with scuffy men in tweed jackets. I tried to look that bad, have I succeeded?
Fox Glacier.
Fox Glacier.

One of our guides on Fox Glacier making stairs.
The blue pools near wanaka.
On the road in to Wanaka, what a beautiful day!
In puzzeling world they have a few walls of these types of faces, believe it or not, they are all concave, not convex as they appear to be.
As you walk around the room the face changes and appears to follow you, its actually kinda creppy.