New Zealand: Queen Charlotte Track

I just finished walking the Queen Charlotte Track at the North East of the South island. Once again it was incredible. The treck is 71km long, plus the 4km I had to walk to the road after I finished to hitch back to Picton, the nearby town.

I had intended on doing the track alone in 4 days, but at the very beginning I met up with two Canadian chick from Ottawa, Nena and Amy, that planned to do it in 3. The were having their packs transported to each camp location they would get to. I was cheap, as always and decided to carry my pack. I probably would have been fine for 4 days, but the novelty of company was too good to pass up. So we three tramped together and made decent time, we all were a little sore and stiff by the 3rd day, but overall it went well. On the final day as i did not buy the return boat ticket, I had to get back to town myself. So I left them at the Anakiwa warf waiting for their boat and made a mad dash attempt to beat them back to town. I had joked that I would be lying on the hood of their car enjoying an ice cream. Not only did I make it, but I thought I’d be nice and get ice cream for all, which nearly melted as it turns out I beat them back by over an hour.

Random thought: I am in the artsy town of Nelson, and find it kind of ironic that the town of Nelson BC is also quite artsy.

I am just resting up a little more at the moment preparing for my next tramp, the Humphrey.

On the boat over from the North to the South Island.
The beginning of the Queen Charlotte Track.
One of the many bays of the QCT.
The same bay.
Farm near the end of the QCT.
Near the end of QCT.
Wine country, NW South Island between Blennim and Nelson.
Give ‘er Laura! 😉