Pictures from New Zealand

They are kinda out of order, but its hard to switch em around.

On Mt. Eden in Auckland.

I am 13983km from Toronto at this point (give or take a few meters), this is the second one of these I have seen, there was also one in Port Douglas, Aus.
Deep water cove, my second night stay on the hike I took out to Cape Brett
Hike out to Cape Brett
Hike out to Cape Brett
Cows on Mt. Eden, biological lawn mowers and fertilizers.
Volcanic cone on Mt. Eden, constantly at 22 Degrees Celsius apparently.
Paihai, the town I was in before and after the hike.
Nice little secluded beach coming out of Cape Brett
The end of Cape Brett.
Cape Brett Hike.
Cape Brett Hike
Tutukaka, near the Por Knights Islands, one of the top 10 dive sites in the world.
Tutukaka, some rich person’s driveway.
Cape Reinga, the top of NZ.
Cape Reinga.
The sand dunes at the top of NZ, they are hard to capture as it was a huge sandstorm and I kinda wanted to use my camera again. The are a couple of hundred feet tall and you can sand board on them. It was kinda like lying on a boogie board and getting a face and ear full of sand. Lots of fun though!!


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