One ring to…yada yada

So I made it to New Zealand, been here a few days. Spent some time in Auckland, there is nothing hugely special about it, mostly just another city. There are several parks which are old extinct volcanoes, covered in grass and have grazing cows, you can actually see where the cone used to be.Went north from there to do a 3 day hike, Cape Brett, which oddly enough is very much like the terrain you’d see in Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, even more spectacular in fact. It was quite a grueling hike, I spent the first night at the top of a mountain with very little cover, high winds and rain, actually bent a tent pole, not too bad though. It was well worth it however, the view of the bay I woke up to in the morning was quite spectacular. I walked out to a cove that day pitched my tent and fined the rest of the hike with a small day pack to the tip of the cape. I was met with a beautiful view, a large grassed area, and a light house. I made it back to my tent by dark and enjoyed a nice night. I spent the final day encouraging myself that it was the final day and was only a few more hills, aches and pains to the end of my hike, which ended at a nice little private beach before I got to the “main” road to hitch it out of there.So far hitching is going even easier here than in Aus, knock on wood, and apparently the north is the worst area to manage to get a lift, so should get even better from here.

I am headed just a little further north to the northern most part of NZ before going back south, gona Zorb (yes Laura, the giant ball thing), sky dive, hike some more, and perhaps relax a bit.

I really wish I could post the pictures but the place I am at doesn’t work for some reason, oh well, later.


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  1. ZORB!!!!I almost did that… I watched it for a while but ended up not going.. I think I went to feed the sheep instead or something slightly less exciting…


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