Wonderful World of OZ

I must say, I had quite a good time in Australia despite my initial reactions to Cairns. Its a beautiful country with wonderful people. By far the best city I spent any time in was Melbourne, the best way I could describe it would be to call it the Montreal of Aus. Its got fantastic shops and nice little cafes tucked in alleyways. There is a free tram service that does a circle around the down town core to see and learn about the city. It has quite a history to with many old buildings. At the same time its very modern with many different eclectic structures and sculptures. Both Melbourne and Sydney host a variety of Museums, but some how it just seems that Mel has more culture. Sydney looked very preen and pretty in its down town core of newer buildings.I can’t wait for New Zealand, last stop then home.

The silo next to the old train station on the way to the arts factory in Byron Bay.

Water fountain in Sydney.

Train station in Melbourne.
Rocks on the water front in Sydney.

The Sydney Oprea House.
Tourist train in Darling Harbour, Sydney.