Australia: Byron Bay

I have spent the last few days in a place called Byron Bay, just south of Brisbane in Australia. Byron seems to have everything, night clubs, bars, nice restaurants, beaches, a light house, and is surrounded by mountains.

Byron was incredible, upon first getting in I headed to a hostel/campground known as the Arts Factory. This fantastic place has events going on everyday, and is filled with some incredible people, many with some great talents.My first night there I was informed of a beach party, the first of the year. I arrived at the bonfire surrounded by happy voices, guitars, and singing, and immediately knew I would be staying in Byron for a while. Our night ended shortly before dawn, though some stayed to sleep on the beach as they had brought their sleeping bags and would clean up in the morning.

The following day was spent mostly lazing around on the beach and in hammocks reading a book. I finished of the day at the lighthouse, watching sunset from the most easterly point in Australia. I also had the treat of seeing some whales pass by, though all we could see was water coming out of the blow holes.

By the third day somehow we had gathered up the will, desire, and energy to climb Mt. Warning. This is the first place the sun hits on the eastern main land of Australia. It was quite the hike, we started up around 1:00am and got to the peak around 4:30am. It was quite the climb with the last section being near vertical requiring climbing and a chain to hold on to. But it was well worth it, the view was incredible as you could see the light climbing down from the peak of nearby mountains down to the base. We stayed ate breakfast and snacks and gazedx for a while, before climbing back down the mountain.

The subsequent night we watched sunset before heading over to the talent show to listen to some amazing covers, original music, and watch a fire show.

My final night there was spent enjoying a trivia night which our team managed to win, taking hope almost $150 total, almost $30 each. One girl on our team one a kayaking but unfortunatly left for dinner before the prize draw and lost it. I won a set of cinema tickets, but as it was my last night, could not use them and handed them off to other members of the team.

In all, the Arts factory was an amazing place with some fantastic people, and was definitely the highlight of my Aus trip to date.