The night started out plainly enough, I was hungry and in search of food. The Spanish girls I was hanging out with were having strawberries and yogurt for dinner. So I left the hostel and immediately ran into an incoherent drunk Australia dude (which turned out to be the first of many in later days). It couldn’t have been more than 10:00, but almost all the restaurants were closed or closing. He didn’t want food, but was more than happy to join my quest. After talking to various bouncers I deduced that the only food was about a 20 minute walk away.In the midst of his babble the Ausie mentioned that he was suppose to spend the night with 2 hot french girls that he had met earlier that day. Just as he finished the babble, they seemed to materialize in our path and they too decided to join my quest for food despite not wanting any. We weren’t to sure where to go, the directions we had gotten were pretty vague, but I spotted a seafood restaurant with the open sign on and head for it. Upon entering I realized they were only open because one table hadn’t left yet. It was a fairly posh place but they offered to make some takeaway, however it was way more than my budget could take. I walked out and back to my entourage slightly discouraged. I still wasn’t too sure what direction the food was that we had been told about.

Just as we were about to walk off a gentleman from the restaurant came out and gave us directions on how to find our food. We were again about to leave when the rest of his table came out. After further exchanges one of the gentleman, Don, gave me a Dominoes business card stating where to go and to show it when I got there as I would get a discount.

The girls and I left, somehow leaving behind the Ausie to tell Don that if his directions were wrong he’d punch him in the nose. His catching back up to us seem bad at first, but provided additional entertainment with his incessant hitting on the French girls, actually rather, his blatantly begging them to sleep with him.

Upon further examination of the business card I realized we had just made asses of ourselves to the CEO for all of Australia. When we finally got to Dominoes we got the royal treatment, the discount, and further info that he ran half the worlds Dominoes, kinda cool.

While waiting for the pizza I had the displeasure of being poorly hit on by a bunch of 17 year old girls trying to talk me into dragging their underage asses to the bar or at the very least give them booze. I got my pizza and left, thankfully they didn’t follow.

We somehow ended up back in town in front of one of the two “clubs” with very few people in it, but some how a line up outside. We sat down to relax and ended up talking to a Jamaican acrobat in town from further south and putting a show on in the local mall. The Ausie manage to make a further fool of himself babbling and crying this time.

The 17 year old Dominoes girls then showed up with two chumps they had manage to talk into bringing them to the bar. They gave me a look of contempt and headed for the door. They all got carded and promptly turned away. Some how my laughing out loud at them signalled that they should come sit with us. They tried their best to woo me again while the Ausie tried his best to continue wooing the French chicks with promises of beer in his room. He made his final offer and the Dominoes young’ns took it and they all finally disappeared.

I walked the French girls back to their hostel and wandered the streets a little longer before retiring for the night.

As for the Dominoes card, I’ve used the card a few times since, keeps working, I’ll keep using it till its destroyed or stops working…mmmm…Dominoes.


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