The Unseen Austraila

From the beginning of getting to Aus I have been trying to find things to do where there aren’t mass quantities of tourists. I spent one evening in the veteran’s club in Cairns having dinner and started talking with a couple and their family about Laos as they too had been there. By the end of the night I had been invited to join Peter a sugar cane farmer touring the farm and riding in some of the equipment, as well as visiting a tropical plant farm owned by John.I met up with peter one morning when he picked me up in Cairns and headed to the farm just a little south. The power of a sugar can combine is just incredible, taking the trash and shooting it out the side and spitting the chunks of cane out the top into a waiting tractor bin. I toured his farm the rest of the morning, it boarder a river with crocks, and floods what looks like half his land each wet season. I was also treated to various samples of cane to much on and suck out the sugar juices.

That evening Peter and his wife Jean dropped me off at John’s palm plant farm where I was to spend the next two days relaxing with John and Ellen. That evening they hosted a small dinner party with friends where we enjoyed fantastic fresh fish and good company. The following day was spent with them showing me some of the national parks and nearby waterfalls, one of which you could actually slide down like a water slide. The water was so clear you could see the bottom 2m deep, and beautifully clean as it washed over the large boulders. We also spent the afternoon on a small hike to one of these locations.

John’s house is located on a fair plot of land outside the city where he grows plants for landscaping. The kitchen where we spend the majority of our time looks out onto a forest and small river. At night and early morning you can often see Bandicouts and small kangaroos munching on the various fruits tossed onto the lawn to attract them. It was truly a fantastic place to spend the weekend, very relaxing and very close to nature.

These are earlier photos of Aus, I will post the others when I get to a comp that works to post from.

A view of Cairns Harbour.

A Chinese Junk Sailing in Port Douglas during sunset.
Sunset Sailing.

There is so much beach here, kinda wanted to rub it in šŸ˜›
A view from cape tribulation beach.
Some sort of palm tree.

Just north of Cape Tribulation.

One of the many beaches up at cape tribulation.

A view from the top of mount sorrow in Cape Tribulation.

My thoughtfully looking into the distance pose underwater.


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