When I got off the plane in Cairns a smile came across my face, it wasn’t that I was glad to be away from Asia, far from it, I loved Asia and very much want to return, but it was the thrill of a new place that got me.Cairns itself was OK, very touristy, infact, it was built as a tourist town during the war. I sorted my stuff out and hitched north to Port Douglas. Its a beautiful place, but again very tourist, I was starting to get the feeling that the entire coast would be like that, all I could think was “I hope not.” I went diving in Douglas, it was nice, the reef is spectacular, not as much marine life as Thailand, but still pretty decent.

I then hitched north to Cape Tribulation, where two world heritage sites meet, the Daintree National Park, and the Great Barrier reef. I finally found a place that I knew I would enjoy. I have been here for almost 5 days no. I gone for walks on the beach, hiked up a mountain to enjoy the veiw across the valley and ocean, kayaked, and just generally chilled out. This seems to be more my speed.

I am headed south tomorrow, going to spend a day or two on some farms of some guys I met at the veterans club (cheap place to eat). After that, not sure, only have 3 weeks left, so I kind of have to get moving, espically considering I was suppose to be going down the coast, not up it.

Photos to come when I can have a USB…didn’t think that would be this much of an issue in Aus.