The End of Aisa

So I have spent the last ten days or so in Hong Kong, I hadn’t really intended to be there that long, but I had thought blasting through China was going to take longer.I occupied my time taking various free classes run by the Hong Kong tourism board. There was Chinese medicine where I was informed that a whopping 5 of their 1000s of products have undergone full clinical testing. Most of them have even gone through toxic testing. I wondered when he kept saying “people believe this root/antler/rock does this”.I also took a Fung Shui class, the “art or arranging things”…in such a way as to make people believe you are doing something scientific when in reality you are bullshitting the whole thing.I also took a tour of the harbour on a “junk” an old Chinese fishing boat. That was quite interesting, we got to see and area of the city we wouldn’t normally, the extent of the housing blocks go even further than I had thought originally. Pretty much all the avalible land is covered in buildings over 20 storeys.

I also took time out to visit various museums, my favorite being the History museum, they had a map of the land reclamation done in HK over the centuries, it really is quite daunting, they seem to have swallowed up half of the harbour in favour of land.

Parts of the Science museum were rather interesting, they have a giant marble machine. However, the first exhibit I came across was the construction safety exhibit…not sure how that qualifies as interesting science worth putting in a museum. I spent a half minute or so watching the gripping animated display of how to pick up a box without hurting one’s back.

Some shots of Buildings in Hong Kongs Down Town:

Kowloon near the histoy museum.

Bank of China.

Lippo Buildings and some random gold one.

Your average everyday icecream man.

Bored waiting for he bus an thought this looked kinda cool.