Train Planes and Automobiles – Take 2

Trains and Busses actually, but in all it took 4 trains, 3 busses, 2 taxis, and 3 days to make it from Sapa in the north of Vietnam to Hong Kong.

Ok, so its been a while since I posted, I can’t do pictures at them moment, but I will just give a quick synopsis, nothing hugely exciting happened in Nam.

Getting in I started getting screwed left, right, and center on prices, there is a two tier payment system there, foriengers pay more, always, even if you know the right price

I spent a few days in Hoi An in the middle of the country, its the Tailor capital of the world, 200 taliors in a fairly small city. I don’t normally like shopping, but I figured I get suits and stuff for the next few years worth. So 3 cashmere suits, 11 ties, 8 shirts, a pair of shorts, a silk sleeping bag, and also a skirt and dress for Diane cost a mere 350$ US, and %0 to ship. All hand made and Tailored to fit. Not too bad considering 1 suit at home costs that much or more. Hoi An is also a fairly nice city with a nice French colonial waterfront. The achitecture in Vietnam has a huge french influence. Even to this day almost all buildings they put up are in the french colonial style.

I then went North to Hanoi, which is possily the noisiest city on the face of the planet, if you can count to 3 without a horn going off you are lucky. Even the beautiful garden lake in the center of the old quarter of the city is still very noisy.

Next was a trip to Halong bay, it was a ruch tour but was still very nice. You are surrounded on all sides by rock clifs jutting out from the ocean. We swam, kyaked, and saw a cave rivaled on by some I have seen in the United States.

I headed north to Sapa, a small town in the middle of the mountains. The valley is full of rice terraces. The local people wear beutiful hand made clothing, with they try to ge you to buy constantly. I went for a few hikes down into the valley and got a few nice pics.

And after that I was on to China and HK.