Photos From Loas

Went on a 2 hour elephant ride for $5, kinda fun, they are pretty amazing and intelligent animals. They actually moved objects out of the way as they were going, not because they couldn’t get around them, but more so because it might scratch them a bit.

On my way to a small village near Tadlo in the highlands.

Closer to the village. Part of the village. People wear almost nothing here, they have little or no money, not enough food. Yet the have satelite TV…go figure.
The waterfall a little boy showed methe way to near the village.

The housing for the people who mantain the hydro electri plant…5 minutes down the road from the village.

A view from my bungalo on the Mekong in the 4000 islands in the south ofLaos. I just thought the round tree was so cool.

Typical ferry betwen islands on the Mekong.

Some boys hauling a cart through a rice field on Don Det, one of the islands.

The rice fields again.

The only bridge the French ever built in Laos.

Just kidding, this is actually the only bridge, a railway bridge…between 2 islands…yet not to the main land.

Rice fields again.

The magic bus.