I’ve been in Laos for just over ten days now. This place is amazing Luang Prabang was a laid back beautiful little town which produces many of their own crafts and clothing. Its the first time on my trip I have seen truely unique hand made crafts. Even the rest of Laos so far has yet to match what I saw in LP.

The next town we hit was Viang Vieng, and it was geared for tourist. The main attraction of Viang Vieng is tubing down the Nong Sam river. It only take about an hour and a half to complete the ride, but after stopping at several of the bars featuring jumping platforms, swings, and ziplines, the trip works out to about 4-6 hours. The swings were perhaps the most fun, after sever ill fated attempts, one resulting in my sandal flying off and my arm coming out of the socket, I finally manged to do a few back flips and hang upside down. We spent a few day relaxing in the town famous for happy pizzas and every restaurant showing friends. It wasn’t that bad though, there were other things showing and we managed to find ourselves a bar with no TV. but you could walk out of our hotel into the middle of the street, see 3 different friends episodes going and hear 2 others. We were getting sick of the mind numbing TV so had to move on.

So here I sit in Vientiane the capital of Laos preparing to head south, I had only intended to spend 2 weeks here, but its too nice too pass up. I think I may either end up cutting short my Vietnam portion or not doing the great wall in china. I am not too sure yet, I’ll figure it out later.

Sorry no photos of Laos yet, I’ve mostly been enjoying and the ones I did get, I forgot to convert them for posting before deleting the memory cards. I should have some in the south.