Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

OK, well just Busses and Boats.

I spent a day in Bangkok and headed straight for Soukathi. A national historic park, was kind of cool. Hopped on the bus that night, slept in a Chang Mai Bus Terminal, Made it to Chang Rai, took the local bus to Chaing Kong and crossed the river to Hau Xia (sp?) in Laos. Next day hoped the boat on the Mekong to Laung Probang. The 2 day boat journey was spent reading, laying card, chatting, listening to tunes and relaxing. I met more Canadians than I have the entire rest of my trip, and two engineers from Ontario. Looks like we are all headed roughly the same route through Laos too, so it should be an interesting trip.

I ended up standing on the bus from Soukathi to Chang Mai for about 3 hours before a seat became available, turns out my VIP bus wasn’t. So after 4 days straight of travel, I can’t wait to just relax.

Sorry, no photos now, internet is too slow and no USB, but I got some good ones for later.

Random stuff:

When I was on Koh Tao walking back from the Club one night I passed by the Coyote bar (the only way to go home). Basically the coyote bars are for going to pick up Thai women. I was about a minute past the place when a Thai girl (possibly guy, I wasn’t sure) comes ripping out of there and grabs my arm yelling that she will give me a ride home on her bike. I practically had to run and shake the girl off to get rid of her. Guess she had a slow night.

On the over night stop for the boat we got offered opium and weed 3 times before we even got off the boat by guys who just decided to jump on as we docked, and another 10 times by the time we reached our hostel 5 minutes away. We asked one of the guys later that night what he does for a living as we had seen him all over town doing various things. His response: “I get drunk, I sell opium, I sell weed.” After that we retired the night at 10:00…cause thats when the power goes out, the bars close, and as one of the locals put it: “loud people, go home, or cops come and bang bang”

Laos should be interesting…