Land Ho

So I am finally back on the main land and sitting in Bangkok, I have to get out of Thailand asap cause I am behind schedule and want lots of tie for Laos. Bangkok is ok, mostly just another city, I am going to mak one more stop in Thailand at an ancient city, then I am out of here.A view from the peak of one of Koh Tao’s mountains. yep, its a rough life here in paradise šŸ˜‰ It was one hell of a walk up here though, road looked like a river bed and very very steep.

Koh Tao: Can you guess what this is and what it’s filled with?

Bangkok: some of the older buildings here are quite nice, this one is made of marble, it think its actually called the marble temple, glad to see the were creative about the naming.
Bangkok: I had climb to the top of the Golden Mount when I heard a storm cloud approaching. I walked down to the first cove I could find, a market umbrella and table. I sat there as the storm kicked up quickly realizing how poor a position I chose, I got fairly wet, but was much better of than had kept walking.
Bangkok: But this could easily be any country in this entire region. Its a water main crossing a river, basically if they run into something, they go over it, doesn’t matter what it is, or how log it is. And just for comparison sake, the water below it is actually the open sewer, one of many throughout the city. This particular crossing is of interest is because i lost my lens cap to my camera in this disgusting water while taking the photo.