Never Never Land

So… I have no photos cause I have pretty much been diving for the last week straight. I started out with a simple open water course, progressed to deep and nitrox diving specialties. On Monday I am suppose to go exploring a wreck just off the island of Koh Tao in Thailand. To date I have been to 40m, swam through schools of baracuda, mingled with reef sharks, and had to run away from trigger fish. The wreck on monday lies between 40 and 50m and will be going to it with some tech divers. Also tomorrow I get to join a night dive.

I have the next few days off an may finally have some time to actually take a few pictures of the island.

In all I blow my entire allotted 2 weeks for Thailand in this one spot, but its worht it, I am enjoying myself.

As for never never land, most people come here to do an open water course and leave, another check mark on their list. Some stay a few weeks, some repeatedly come back, and some just never leave. They leave the daily grind, the traffic jams, and mortgages, they sell everything and come to dive and teach diving. They party, enjoy the sun, and back in a life with very little responsibility, however seems to be one of constant drama too.


2 thoughts on “Never Never Land

  1. As I face yet another day, biking home through the cold Quebec rain and mud, I am yet again overcome with jealousy. Hopefully one day a few years from now I’ll be there myself. I like the sound of the monkeys. 🙂


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