The coolest place in Malaysia

I have been in the Cameron Highlands for the last few days, its about 15 C at night and 20-25C during the day. The cool air is fantastic, its easy to sleep at night and fantastic for treking during the day. I havedone about 50 km worth of hiking through jungle and tea plantations over the past 3 days and am just taking it easy today before I attempt the highest peak in the area, suppose to be long, hard, and easy to get lost.

I have spent time wandering through tea plantations, tea factories, Malay villages, honey farms, fruit stands, and eating wonderful indian food. Also enjoyed a blended strawberry freeze pop and dried strawberries, both very nice.

I am spending another day or two here, then going to Thialand, I’ll likely do a dive course there, apparently they are fairly inexpensive, they were in Malaysia too, but i have to leave here/

A view of the Boh tea estate and the cafe.

Another view of the Boh tea estate from my walk down the mountain.

A market that was starte in town, its been sitting unfinished for 6-7 years as the money ran out and costs were over run.


4 thoughts on “The coolest place in Malaysia

  1. Chris: Your journey sounds so amazing… Could you send me a picture of you taken by someone else in front one of the many awesome places you will see… Love Mom…P.S. Have fun scuba diving… you will love it….


  2. Hey Chris,Where exactly is that unfinished concrete structure that is supposed be a market…..??Looks like good “restoration job” I could use as an excuse/tool to “write-off” some expenses for travel to a really really cool place….Well young man, it looks like your starting out in life with both feet on the ground and your eyes looking forward…..Helena told me about your gratuation results…Congrats…well done…Enjoy your travels….I’ll be checking in from time to time and look forward to seeing some more pictures and reading your journal…Regards,Gaetano


  3. The structure is a market and is located in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.Yeah, the rest of school went well, I was really pleased.My only problem now is my waning desire to return from my adventures.


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