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With Love From Singapore

Random thoughts first:
The popularity of Chivas Regal here is retarded, or atleast the number of ads I have seen.
“without music, life would be a mistake” – store front
So I randomly met a guy named Ryan from Singapore yesterdaywho decided he would be my guide today. We hit a bunch of older sem historic areas, took a free guided boat tour. He insisted that I had to visit Little India on the weekend so we went. The place was insane, you could barely walk down the two lane streets is was so packed. Singapore is actually fairly expensive yet the 24 hour indian market was ridiciuosly cheap, jeans for 5 bucks and cameras for half price.
Last night I went trying to find the Sing red light district cause I heard there were girls in fish tanks. No such luck, but tonight we wandered into the indian red light district. You pass by an open door and there’d be a bunch of haggered, old prostitutes. Then you’d come upon a group of 40 guys staring in a door way at the one hot chick. We went down the street with Ladyboys, strangly much better looking than all the other women I hate to admit. The suddenly a parade of koreans in rickshaws come racing through the district as their drivers point out the ladyboys as though they are zoo animals. We pass by one stall and here the “lady” exclaim to one guy he’s been there a while staring and why doesn’t he just come in.
Some of the giant housing blocks in Hong Kong.
To give you an idea of just how many tower blocks there really are.
Squat toilets in an old army barrax up Mt. Davis in Hong Kong.
Singapore Malion Park, I think one of there national symbols is a mermaid Lion or something to that effect.