Not Prepared

I had all the right gear but none of the information, Hong Kong is amazing and I should have planned more time here, you could walk the same street ten times an still not see everything. The average person lives in a fifty storey high rise. They build them here like we build sub burbs, I can’t post photos here but I will the first chance I get. Just imagine six or eight fifty storey buildings built corner to corner in a line so close that you could almost stand between two and touch them both.

I’ve noticed a lot of stabilized hills here, I think I saw the area that Prof. Law (Lau?) worked on. The only place that doesn’t seem to be built up is a missive grave yard that stretches from the ocean half way up a mountain. I kind of wonder how long it will be before they build skyscrapers for the dead.

They don’t use metal scaffolding here, its not flexible enough, they build and repair the behemoth residences using bamboo poles and rope.
This place has talk of environmental friendliness everywhere, yet everywhere is air conditioned and most of them are open to the outside at the same time. You can be be on the street and walk by a shop and cool down with no need to even enter.
And for some reason spell check doesn’t work here so don’t expect much from me.