A town called Nelson

Following a fishing trip with many of the guys in the family up in North Bay, my brother Kevin and I headed to my mothers place in Mississauga. My original plan was to travel to Calgary from North Bay, but given Greyhound was on strike, that option was out of the question. So we flew straight to my brother’s home in Nelson BC. Its a picturesque town of ten thousand set in the mountains on a large river. The attitude is laid back and the food is almost always amazing. You won’t find many chain stores here, the populous fights them tooth and nail.
Over the next week or so we climbed mountains, canoed the river, had beach BBQs, and went swimming (briefly) in the glacier fed river.
On one bike trip we came along a river crossing with a zip line set up for bikers. It was a rater cool experience dangling above a river raging from spring runoff and excessive rain.
Not much further on the trail we came across a derelict ore concentrating plant on the side of a mountain. Apparently they used to ship the ore out via train, which as it turns out was the abandoned track we had been on that morning.

Following my outdoor adventures in Nelson, I backtracked to Calgary for a few days for the sole purpose of surprising Diane who was moving there on the 9th of June. I leave from here shortly to head back to Nelson so Kevin and I can hit the coast for a few days and I fly out shortly there after.