The East Coast

So Diane and I are back from out east, had a lot of fun. It was quite a bit colder than we had expected, even snowed on our way home, we definitely were not prepared for this kind of weather. Did get a few nice days however and took advantage of them as much a possible.
We started out traveling through the bottom of New Brunswick, I think we passed by Benard’s Mother, Father, and Dog at one point. Most everything wasn’t open yet, however we managed to luck out in a number of places. We visited the Hopewell rocks and received a personal guided tour by Paul, the director of interpretive services, who just happened to be going for a stroll that morning. He took his time showing us an old Dam system the Acadians had built near the site as well as explaining the different rock formations.
Further adventures took us into Nova Scotia where we spent time at Five Islands, Blomidon, and Cape Split. We also had time to visit a small farm zoo that boasts the largest lion in captivity. The zoo was a nice lazy day and a change from all the hiking we had been doing.
The owner of the zoo gives a guided tour during feeding time and gives you a closer look at the animals. I learned that Mr. Bear is a pretty sloppy kisser when he’s after the mint candy in your lips.

We proceeded to head up to Cape Breton to travel the Cabot Trail, none of the trees were geen yet but it was still a wonderful sight to see. Also took some time out to hike the skyline trail which runs down the side of a steep slope towards the ocean.

The night before we took the ferry to PEI we had to stop in Picou as it was getting late. We found ourselves a campground for the night. Upon hearing that we intended to tent it, Cameron, the owner of the grounds said “no charge if were crazy enough to tent that night.” Ironically, it ended up being one of the warmer nights.
We traveled most of PEI’s coastline with the exception of the west side. At this point we were getting a little tired of scenery and just wished something would be open, a Museum, a park, hell, even a restaurant would do. None the less, PEI was beautiful.

Our final day was spent traveling through Saint John, NB on foot to see part of the city and market before heading home. With a quick stop in Montreal for some Deli Sandwiches and OJ we were home from our trip east.


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