Where I am headed

I guess the big question is where am I going. First I am spending the next three weeks with Diane going out east and retracing some of the coastline I had a chance to enjoy on my own when I was out there over the summer. After dropping her off in Ottawa I will be headed to North Bay to rid myself of the car and then proceed to make my way west to Calgary to see Nat and Doug. I will then make my way out to Nelson BC to meet up with my bro, hop in his jeep and then travel up the coast of BC into Alaska. He’ll be dropping me off at Rick’s place before the 20th of June so I can spend a few days in Vancouver before I fly out.

I arrive in Hong Kong on the 21st of June to spend a few days exploring the city before I head out to Singapore on the 23rd. Over the next few weeks I take my time traveling through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and China before ending up back in Hong Kong. I’ll then be hoping over to Cairns Australia on the 12th of September and spend the next month traveling down to Sydney. On the 10th of October I jump on another plane to Auckland New Zealand and spend the rest of my time hiking around and camping. I leave at 9:00am on Dec 12 from Auckland to come back home and arrive in Vancouver at 12:30pm that very same day.

I should be back in Mississauga by the 14th of December or so.